alter serving

A youth in the fourth grade or above who desires to be an Altar Server must have received their first communion and be receiving communion on a regular basis. In addition, the youth must be able to commit to the following:

  • Serving weekend Mass as scheduled, normally; once every 23 weeks.
  • Serving Mass on weekdays and Holy Days of Obligation on a rotation basis school schedule permitting.
  • Serving at Holy Day Masses, weddings, funerals as needed and when available.
  • Obtaining a substitute when unable to fulfill a Mass assignment.
  • Attending scheduled Altar Server meetings and training classes.

baptism ministry

The Baptism Ministry currently consists of two married couples. The coordinators serve the parish community by facilitating preparation classes for the parents of children to be baptized. These classes are held once a month and they prepare the parents with knowledge of the sacrament to enable them to foster growth in their own faith and that of their children.

   On the day of the infant baptism, the coordinators serve as host/hostess for the baptism. They prepare the church for the celebration with the necessary items required for the baptism. They greet the families and friends as they arrive, seat them in their assigned place in the church and answer any questions or concerns they might have regarding the ceremony. The coordinators are also there to assist the priest or deacon as needed during the ceremony.

bereavement ministry

This ministry comforts the bereaved survivors and offers assistance at the time of death in coordination with a priest. This ministry also assists the family in planning the funeral liturgy with music, readings, and other requests of the family. For more information contact Deacon Larry Hurst at 562-296-9000.