Parish Projects

There is much that we want to accomplish at St. Hedwig Parish.

First, we wish to beautify our campus. Quinn Hall renovation plans are in full steam, thanks to the generosity of our community. We also would like to update the courtyard space.

Secondly, as for improving our worship space, we will need a new sound system for the church as well as new lights and a new ceiling. 

Third, to cultivate devotion and prayers, we want to purchase 2 more items: Immaculate Heart of Mary and Stations of the Cross.

Your donations will help us to bring Truth, Beauty and Goodness to our parish and the community. 

We know that God will reward you abundantly for your generosity.

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New Tabernacle Fund

This is a preliminary drawing of the new tabernacle. The tabernacle will be silver-plated with a mat finish. The images will be embossed and chiseled in relief (3D). The pillars will be stone, possibly a precious blue stone. There will be accents of gold. The dimensions are 36" wide x 31" tall x 28" depth.