Opportunities to Give

We have so many opportunities to give. 

Thank you for considering donating to our parish needs

New Altar Linens

4 New Sets of Altar Linens:

White (Easter)

Green (Ordinary Time)

Purple (Advent)

Purple 2 (Lent)

Each Altar Linen cost $5,000.

Please help us reach our goal.

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St. Hedwig New Roof Cross

St. Hedwig Catholic Church does not currently have a visible genuine roof cross. In years past there was a cross that was removed for the remodel. We would like to add one back. Our church faces Los Alamitos Boulevard and we want to place a beautiful custom bronze trefoil cross on our roof visible to every person driving by. We are so proud of the church community and welcome all to come grow in their spirituality. What better way than to add a beautiful cross to our church roof as a reminder to glorify God and pray daily.

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