Wednesday at 6:30 PM

Saturday at 3:30 PM and 7:00 PM

You are also invited to make an appointment for a convenient time with a priest according to your schedule. The confessionals in the church offer both a screen for those who prefer privacy or a chair for “face to face” confessions.

How to Make a Good Confession

Before going to confession, one should examine their conscience

to call to mind what sins they have committed since their last confession. Here are two samples that can be used.

Adult Examination of Conscience

Children’s Examination of Conscience

Confession of Sins

Anointing of the Sick

The sacrament of Anointing of the Sick is administered to a person who are seriously ill or in danger of death through old age. It is also fitting for a person to receive the sacrament before a serious operation. The sacrament brings forgiveness of sins, spiritual strength, the comfort of knowing one is at peace with God, as well as preparing the recipient to make an offering of their entire lives to God, an offering that is unique to them alone.

To receive this sacrament, please call the Parish Office (562)296-9000 and the receptionist will take down your information and ask important questions so that a priest may contact you directly. If you call after office hours, our answering service will take your call. The priest on duty will be paged. Please give your phone number slowly and clearly.

Funerals Catholic funeral actually consists of three parts, each of which may occur at different times. The first part is the Vigil service, which takes place at the wake. A Rosary is also customary and occurs during the Vigil. Next is the Funeral Mass, which is the traditional funeral ceremony. Finally, there is the Rite of Committal which occurs at the cemetery gravesite.

Funeral Information

The first thing that needs to occur after a loved one dies, is to contact the mortuary. You can find mortuary contact information on the back of the bulletin. Be sure to let them know that Saint Hedwig is where the funeral will take place. The next step is to complete a Funeral Service Request Form. You can download and complete the form at home and either email it back or bring it to the parish office. Once we receive the form, our Funeral Coordinator will contact you to go over the information you provided. Then, you will be contacted by one of our caring Liturgy planners who will assist you with planning the funeral. For more information, contact our Parish Office at (562) 296-9010 or email